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Are you looking for a consultancy firm that will help your employees manage conflicts at work? Get in touch with RISC Associates Ltd.

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If you're looking for conflict management courses for your employees, then you have come to the right place. At RISC Associates Ltd, we provide courses and consultancy services to HR departments, health and safety managers, risk management and security departments of both private and public sector organisations. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us.
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Confilict Resolution

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We offer a wide range of courses to help your employees protect themselves. Our courses are tailored to the needs of your company, which will teach your employees to recognise different types of conflicts and signs of aggression, avoiding conflict situations in the best possible manner. 

Our Courses Include:

Conflict Resolution – IQ Level 2
This course helps employees to deal with complaints and enquiries by members of the public, improves communication skills and allows them to assess threats and reduce risk. De-escalation of conflicts and difficult situations. Attendees receive a certificate of attendance.

Breakaway Concepts – IQ Level 2
Equip your employees with the knowledge to break away from aggressive situations and protect themselves when a situation has escalated beyond conflict resolution. The correct and safest physical concepts, escape routes and minimising force and injury.

Lone Worker Safety - IQ Level 2
A half-day course with theory and practical sessions, role-play and case studies. This course helps employees develop a better understanding of personal safety when working alone including strategies to avoid conflict and diffusing difficult situations.

Physical Intervention and Safe Holding
A one day course tailored for operational security teams with theory and practical sessions, role-play and case studies. This course will develop teamwork and provide options to safely intervene and control situations within an operational security context.

Personal Safety and Awareness
The aim of this 3.5-hour course is to equip people (travelling executives, reps, employees travelling to and from work etc) with knowledge to keep them safer. The course introduces the SAFER guide to personal security along with government advice for firearms and weapons incidents Run, hide, tell. Giving information to enhance awareness, observation skills and knowledge to help you understand adrenalin and how the mind and body reacts during conflict stress. 
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