Protective Security

Protective Security Services

If you want to protect the information and assets in your company from potential threats, then get in touch with RISC Associates Ltd.

Proactive Prevention

Acquiring security services can be a challenging task with many services and products available on the market. By tailoring your security consultancy service to be appropriate and targeted toward the specific risks identified in your organisation, RISC Associates Ltd can eliminate unnecessary costs, whilst helping you implement processes and security measures which get right to the heart of the issue.
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Our Consultants Can Help You:

  • Protect information & assets against perceived threats
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your operations
  • Implement and manage your security requirements
  • Assess site specific vulnerabilities and threats
  • Reduce crime and risk to your business

Our Services Include:

Threat and Risk Assessment
Independant, objective advice delivered by highly experienced security professionals to review the threat, risk and harm that you, your business and employees may encounter. 

Security Strategy
Planning and co-ordinating your resourses for their most efficient and effective use. RISC Associates consultants will design measures to work with and enhance your business operations; protecting, people, assests, profitability and reputation. 

Tender Management
When you intend to procure security services we can advise and develop detailed security specifications which ensure the process runs smoothly and provides the long-term protection your organisation requires.

Project Management
RISC Associates Ltd consultants will oversee the design and implementation of security controls which protect assets, people and profitability. We can also advise on compliance, health and safety or areas of security which can reduce overall costs, losses or risk exposure for staff, directors and shareholders.

Policies and Procedures
After risk assessments are conducted we can help you with the development of security policies and procedures which act as on-going appropriate and targeted countermeasures.
This can involve the training of your staff and the procurement of additional security resources where required.

Penetration Tests and Compliance Audits
How secure are your premises and assets? We can carry out tests on the physical security of your premises.
Re-tests can be carried out after appropriate additional security measures have been implemented – ensuring operational procedures and security objectives have been met. 

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If you're looking for protective security services in Wolverhampton, call RISC Associates Ltd on

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